Most popular posts on this blog

I’ve now been writing this blog for over eight years, with more than 100 full-length essays posted so far.  It often surprises me which posts are the most read; here’s the current all-time top 25.  I’ll update this list from time to time, so that you can see what’s currently in the lead. (Last updated: March, 2016).

For a different view of these 25, including short descriptions for each, you can reference the “top 25 posts” category page, here.

  1. Simple, more practical approaches to actual resource allocation
  2. The title issue: CTO vs CIO, and why it’s the wrong question
  3. Some timeless IT/tech jokes, and why they’re still relevant
  4. The IT project failure dilemma: how to get early warnings
  5. Business impact and transparency: expressing system availability
  6. The title issue revisited: CTO vs. CIO
  7. Can a CIO be successful without IT experience? Define your terms!
  8. “Astounding IT sayings”: the inaugural post
  9. The case against #NoEstimates, part 1: introduction and common sense
  10. Complexity isn’t simple: multiple causes of IT failure
  11. Career tips for the CTO/CIO path
  12. One CIO’s “lessons learned” in managing others
  13. Hiring and firing: an example of a stellar employee
  14. Nuts: the biggest trap of all for IT stakeholders
  15. Using feedback loops to improve IT department service
  16. Novels of IT, Part 2: Haunting the CEO
  17. CMOs outspending CIOs on technology: “so what?” Here’s what.
  18. Novels of IT, Part 3: Adventures of an IT Leader
  19. The Practical CIO: Difficulties in project prioritization & selection, part 2
  20. IT transparency is good. But how transparent should you be?
  21. IT consumerization, the cloud, and the alleged death of the CIO
  22. Yes we can, yes we must: the ongoing case for IT/Business alignment
  23. A rational CapEx purchase and tracking process for IT
  24. More timeless, still-relevant information technology jokes
  25. The Practical CIO: Difficulties in project prioritization & selection, part 1