More timeless, still-relevant information technology jokes

Tweet One of my most visited blog posts noted that certain IT jokes tend to come up again and again. That post covered four such familiar jokes, along with what I felt were some common themes uniting them: IT hubris, narrow perspective, self-righteousness. Each of those jokes contains a “grain of truth” to it that makes […]

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Bears, hedgehogs, and Gladys Knight: parables of IT leadership

Tweet For years, I’ve had two framed items hung on my office wall throughout my various stints as CIO, CTO, etc.  I like to think of them, both individually and together, as reflecting certain truths or ironies I encounter as a technology executive, particularly in the realm of leading others.  They serve as cautions to […]

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Some timeless IT/tech jokes, and why they’re still relevant

Tweet If you’ve been in the information technology industry for a number of years, certain jokes tend to pop up again and again. Why? I’d say it’s because their underlying premises, the things that make them applicable and funny, continue to occur. So even if you’ve heard these before (and that’s probably the case), it’s […]

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CIO pet peeves: small drains on personal productivity

Tweet I promised a while back to write more about some of the pet peeves I’ve developed in the CIO/CTO role. So here are a few more. We all have pet peeves. Working as an executive in IT seems to present a lot of opportunities to develop a long list of these. They’re minor grievances, […]

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Is there any CIO/CTO out there who is still inclined to answer a desk phone?

Tweet Just a quick one, this time, in what may become an ongoing motif of describing some of the pet peeves I’ve developed in this role. For years now, I’ve been unable to answer my desk phone. Or rather, I’ve been unwilling to answer it, at least for calls that I can tell are coming […]

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Nightmares before Halloween: bad dreams of the CTO/CIO

Tweet In honor of the season, I thought I’d share a few recurring nightmares, ones that unfortunately don’t seem to confine themselves to the fall time frame. All of these are chronic worries that have truly kept me up at night; most of them stem from actual real-life situations I’ve encountered. 1. Your CEO calls […]

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Watch out: Top 10 statements by IT vendors

Tweet Enough serious posts for the moment: it’s time for a little bit of humor, hopefully with a moral or two in tow. About 15 years ago, when I was still a director and not a C-level executive, I worked a great deal with vendors providing services, project management, software development, and so on. In […]

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